TOPS Expands Culinary Category with First Filet Knife

TOPS is returning to the kitchen for its latest release, the aptly-named Filet Knife. This is the company’s first ever entry in the filet genre, and it covers all the necessary elements of the style while bringing lots of TOPS elements to the table as well.

Rather than do a straightforward Western filet-style pattern, TOPS looked at the Japanese gokujo knife for inspiration. This is a Japanese filet knife that is wider than its Western counterparts. Also, with 8 inches of cutting edge, the TOPS Filet Knife is longer than a standard filet knife from either side of the world. It also has a .09″ blade stock that, while much thinner than most TOPS knives, is still a bit thicker than most filet blades. The idea is that these disparate elements will combine to make a knife that covers all the fileting and deboning bases and then some, while also being rugged enough for use in the field as well as in the kitchen.

As they did with their Dicer kitchen knife collection, TOPS implemented a stainless steel for the Filet Knife – although here we’re seeing 154CM instead of the S35VN on those knives. It’s a change that makes sense: ultimate edge retention isn’t necessary for fileting, and the swap to an older stainless lets the Filet Knife come in at a lower price point than the Dicers while still being corrosion-resistant enough for its intended roles.

The ergonomic design on the Filet Knife hearkens to some TOPS classics outside of their burgeoning culinary category. This one shares a handle design with the Lioness and Scandi Woodsman models. The shape works here too, and has been enhanced with SureTouch G-10, which adds a rubber-like coating over the tried-and-tested profile. A Kydex sheath with belt loop attachment rounds out the package here; including the sheath, the Filet Knife weighs 7.3 oz.

It seems like the TOPS release schedule is starting to pick up. Last week they released the imposing Bestia, and this week the Filet finally made its debut. Both knives were originally showcased at SHOT Show 2020, but for obvious reasons their releases were delayed until this year.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Filet Knife