New Böker Flippers Approach EDC from Three Different Directions

Among the many models on display in Böker Plus 2021 catalog are three EDC-spec’d flippers. And while they’re all ostensibly in the same general category, this incoming trio varies wildly in their styles, materials, and mechanics.


It’s obvious at a glance that the Bonfire is a play on the modern traditional concept. It appears to be most closely modeled after a single blade trapper knife, with a 3.43-inch clip point blade and two-grooved handle. A nail nick is present for those who wish to open the Bonfire in the traditional two-handed fashion, but we suspect most owners will opt to use the front flipper. The Bonfire has a stainless steel liner lock set underneath either Micarta or bubinga wood covers; a loop over pocket clip and D2 blade steel round out its list of modern folder features.

Kwaiken Air

We’ve already seen one new for 2021 variant on Lucas Burnley’s Kwaiken this year, an OTF auto. The popular pattern is also rolling out in a new “Air” variant. Going by the name, you would think the Air is an entry into the “ultra lightweight” knife category, but, at 2.93 oz., it isn’t any lighter than the standard G-10 Kwaiken. Really this one is about the knife’s overall footprint: Burnley imbued the Air with an even more streamlined profile than its predecessors, so it should carry better than before. The Air riffs on the the full-sized Kwaiken, by the way, which means that it has a blade length of 3.54 inches; the steel is once again VG-10.


The Cataclyst is an in-house Böker joint with full titanium scales front and back, a sculpted titanium pocket clip, and ball bearing flipper deployment – placing it on the higher end of the Böker Plus pricing spectrum. The frame lock Cataclyst even comes capped with a steel lock insert. And with a 2.95-inch, D2 steel drop point, the Cataclyst is right in the pocket (pun intended) for a do-all urban EDC.

Both the Bonfire and the Cataclyst are available now through Böker’s website, so expect them to start arriving with dealers shortly. Those of you waiting for the Kwaiken Air may have to sit tight for now; the company lists its release date as May 7th, 2021.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Bonfire