Cold Steel 2020 Lineup Balances New Models, Line Expansions

Cold Steel has revealed its 2020 product lineup. This year’s batch of releases covers more territory than 2019’s, with a blend of new models and interesting variations on existing ones.

4-Max Scout

The 4-Max Scout embodies the 2020 focus on value-driven design at Cold Steel. It’s a revision of the well-known 4-Max, which made waves for its size, ambition, and cost when it debuted. The Scout maintains all the proportions of the 4-Max, but switching to Grivory scales and AUS-10A steel brings its price tag down significantly.

Air Lite

With Air Lite, Cold Steel aimed for utility and affordability, much as it has on the Pro-Lite/Steve Austin-branded Working Man models. The Air Lite falls into a similar size class with a 3.5-inch blade (available in drop point or tanto). It comes with G-10 handle scales instead of Grivory, however, and AUS-10A blade steel instead of 1.4116.

SR1 Lite

As with the 4-Max Scout, the SR1 Lite is another rendition of an existing model, with humbler materials but a much friendlier price point. Compared to the original, the SR1 Lite has Griv-Ex scales and an 8Cr13MoV blade (which, as with the standard SR1, can be either a drop point or tanto).


The 1911 is simple little flipper, with a 3-inch clip blade made from 4034 stainless steel, which according to ZKnives is an entry level performer along the lines of 420HC. A liner lock knife, the 1911 also has a sliding secondary lock tab on the off-side scale.

Double Safe Hunter

With its GFN scales and clip, simple handle profile, and no-nonsense blade shape, the Double Safe Hunter almost resembles the old first generation of Voyager knives. It has a 3.5-inch clip point blade made from 8Cr13MoV and, while it is one of few Cold Steel models not equipped with the Tri-Ad Lock, its standard lock back mechanism has a secondary lock feature for extra strength.

Kris Voyager

Speaking of the Voyager, the series is getting a new blade shape this year, the wavy kris of Indonesia. Currently only available in the massive 5.5-inch blade size, the Kris Voyager otherwise carries forward all the standard Voyager model specs.


Meanwhile, the Kiridashi folder takes its shape and name from a different traditional blade. Drawing on traditional Japanese kirdiashi utility knife design for its canted, dead straight cutting edge, the 2.5 inch-bladed Kiridashi has 4034 blade steel, comes with a Griv Ex clip, and benefits from the additional strength of the Tri-Ad Lock.

Ranch Boss 2

For the second release in the Ranch Boss series, Cold Steel is going in a different direction. Whereas the first Ranch Boss emphasized premium materials, the follow-up aims for affordability. It’s a simple, large single blade slipjoint, with a 4-inch clip point blade made from SK-5 carbon steel. The Ranch Boss 2 comes with a leather pouch for carry.

Lynn Thompson Ti-Lite

Cold Steel’s CEO Lynn Thompson put his name on this particular variation of the Ti-Lite folder, which has a 6 inch-long kris blade made from 440C steel and an OD Green Zy-Ex handle. Limited to just 2,000 pieces, each of the Lynn Thompson Ti-Lites is serial numbered. A box signed by the man himself also accompanies each one.

Fixed Blade Additions

A bevy of new fixed blades are also on their way in 2020. A particular highlight among them is a line extension for the SRK family: the SRK Compact. It loses an inch of blade length (dropping to 5 inches from 6) to get that “compact” designation, but otherwise it is business as usual for the SRK. Another interesting addition is the Click-N-Cut, a small knife whose 2.5-inch 420J2 blade can be removed by disengaging a lock back-like retention system and replaced with other shapes: it comes with a drop point, wharncliffe, and serrated wharncliffe options.

Knife in Featured Image: Cold Steel 4-Max Scout