LionSteel Brings HWAYL Clip System to Thrill Slipjoint

LionSteel ended a slipjoint-focused year with the Thrill. The Thrill leans into an even more modern tradition than some of the other LionSteel slipjoints, and is equipped with two pieces of the Maniago, Italy manufacturer’s signature tech.

The Thrill falls into a medium size class with its 3.15 inch blade. In terms of shape the blade is a narrow drop point, made from M390 steel. Lionsteel adhered to tradition with the opening method, settling on a French cut-style groove on both the show and pile sides of the blade. Like the blade, the handle keeps it simple, with a very gentle arch to the spine and mild swell in on the belly. It all adds up to an uncomplicated, universal, accommodating grip. All of these elements dictate an obvious role of EDC for the Thrill: tackling the daily cutting chores that life throws our way.

LionSteel’s love of technical flourishes shows through on the Thrill. The SOLID integral construction means that the Thrill’s is machined from one single piece of material – either aluminum or titanium, depending on which model you get. The difference between the two material choices is a question of weight: the titanium model comes in at 3.1 oz., while the aluminum is significantly lighter at 2.33 oz.

The HWAYL clip debuted on the ROK and aimed to solve a classic pocket clip problem: while they’re convenient to have for carry, clips are often uncomfortable when actually using the knife. So LionSteel’s clip retracts completely into the handle when not in use; a button on the opposite side of the handle pushes it out when needed.

The Thrill is the latest in a series of slipjoint releases from LionSteel. This year we’ve also seen the bestMAN and the Gitano, a collaboration with knife maker Gudy van Poppel. The Thrill has yet to arrive with dealers but is available from LionSteel direct, with a price of €148.00 for the aluminum models, and €240.00 for the titanium ones.

Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel Thrill