Laser Knife Edge Reader Helps Users Focus on Sharpening

Professional sharpener Ken Leonard is bringing his Laser Knife Edge Reader to Kickstarter in an attempt to get it to a wider audience. The Laser Knife Edge Reader brings commercial reading technology into an affordable format so users can measure their edge angles quickly and easily.

The Laser Knife Edge Reader conveys an accurate measurement of a knife’s edge before and/or after sharpening. A laser is set into an aperture and projects onto a graded curve marking off degree measurements. The knife is put edge-up into a niche; this puts it between the beam and curve, so that the beam hits it and splits into two separate reflections that land on the curve, indicating the angle of each side of the cutting edge.

The Laser Knife Edge Reader in action

In addition to the degree reading, Leonard’s device can tell you other things about the state of the edge. For instance, a fuzzy, blurred refraction indicates a dull knife. Double bevels will show up as two separate reflections on the corresponding side. Convex edges read as wider bands of light. A calibration blade blank is also included with the Laser Knife Edge Reader to keep it accurate. All of these things help users develop skill and accuracy in their sharpening techniques, whether they’re knife enthusiasts or simply a home chef seeking to keep their set of kitchen knives performing at their best.

In the knife community, the discussion of performance is always a constant. Many factors affect how a knife will perform in cutting tasks, but as time goes on more and more users are coming to realize the importance of edge geometry. A well-honed edge at the right angle can make an unimpressive steel punch above its weight. And, of course, high-end steels benefit from this attention as well.

In 2019, Leonard created a small batch of the Laser Knife Edge Readers and sold them online. This Kickstarter seeks the funding to bring the product to a wider audience. It runs through 10:01am EST on January 26th. Leonard says the entire project is expected to finish by May 2020.

Featured Image: Laser Knife Edge Reader