Cold Steel Discontinued for 2017 List Includes Hold Out and Talwar Lines

Cold Steel is the latest brand to announce its discontinued list. To make room for new for 2017 releases, the company axed two popular lines, the Hold Out and the Talwar series.

Other significant pieces are on their way out as well. Retirees include Cold Steel’s only traditional knife and a push dagger series that has been around for decades. We’ll likely have to wait for IWA Outdoor Classics in March to find out what Cold Steel has planned to backfill these blades.

For now, here are four knives to consider snapping up while you still have the chance (remaining list at the end of the article):

Hold Out Series
The Hold Out was part of the wave of Andrew Demko-designed, Tri-Ad Lock knives that helped redefine what Cold Steel was all about. It has a well-earned reputation as a hard-use EDC or, in its larger incarnations, a defensive knife. “The Hold Out is one of [Cold Steel President] Lynn C. Thompson’s favorite folding knives,” a Cold Steel representative tells us. “He has often talked about his love of these thin, light folders as deep-carry defensive tactical blades or boot knives.”

Cold Steel Holdout

Mini Recon 1
The Recon 1 series are instantly recognizable hard-use folders and may be Cold Steel’s best-selling line. Cold Steel offered the Mini Recon 1 for people who wanted the design but prefer not to carry big knives. “The Mini Recon 1 was a fascinating idea,” Cold Steel says. “It did a lot more than just shrink an existing design.” But, the market for small tactical folders wasn’t big enough for the pint-sized version to hang around for another year.

Cold Steel Mini Recon 1

Talwar Series
The Talwar is a visually striking knife that debuted in 2013. Cold Steel has always had a connection to historical edged weapons, and the Talwar was made to resemble the Indian curved sword of the same name. As such, it was designed to be a tactical knife, and unlike many other Cold Steel designs, it wasn’t offered in an EDC-friendly size.

Cold Steel Talwar

Ranch Boss
The Ranch Boss stands out in the Cold Steel lineup. It’s a traditional knife in the stockman pattern, updated with a modern super steel, S35VN. The USA-made Ranch Boss was a limited edition knife, with only 600 pieces ever produced. “Each knife is individually numbered. It’s a collector’s item for sure,” Cold Steel says. The Lucky and Lucky One, two modern takes on the traditional slipjoint, aren’t going anywhere.

Cold Steel Ranch Boss

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Also Discontinued for 2017

Safekeeper Series

XL Recon 1 Tanto

Rawles Voyager

Mini Lawman

Mini AK-47

Code 4 (Full serrated models only)

Knife featured in image: Cold Steel Talwar