UPDATED: Spyderco says Para Military 3 is “in-the-works”

UPDATE 11/15/2016: Spyderco officially announced the Paramilitary 3 today. The knife will begin shipping sometime in December. The photo revealed that the Para Military sequel will come in S30V blade steel and black G-10 handle scales.

Before Spyderco’s 2016 Catalog was released exactly a month ago, many had been hoping they would be seeing the ‘ParaMilitary 3′, a smaller version of the ParaMilitary 2 that was reportedly behind Spyderco’s cabinet at BLADE Show 2015 in June. The ParaMilitary 2 is undoubtedly one of Spyderco’s most popular knives and some say it has become the flagship blade within Spyderco’s product line-up. The knife is suitable for a wide range of uses and features Spyderco’s lightning fast compression lock release.

Spyderco customers who can’t legally carry blades over 3 inches have been asking for a smaller version of the ParaMilitary 2 for years, and it looks like they will be getting their wish soon enough. In a short post on BladeForums earlier today, Spyderco Founder Sal Glesser revealed that plans for the knife are now under way. The knife will be made alongside the ParaMilitary 2 in Golden, Colorado, but it won’t be called the ParaMilitary 3. According to Glesser it will be dubbed the “Minuteman”, a name coined by an undisclosed forum member.

It’s in-the-works. Will be made in Golden. Will be called the “Minuteman”, a suggestion from a forumite.


Will we also see a Sage 5 in 2016?
Many Spyderco fans still haven’t given up on their dreams of a Sage 5. Knives in the popular Sage series all share the same size and general design but each knife features a different locking mechanism. So far, there is a liner lock (Michael Walker), a frame lock (Chris Reeve), a bolt-action lock (Blackie Collins), and a mid-lock (Al Mar). Whether we’ll see a Sage 5 in 2016 and what lock it would feature is a source of much speculation. Following the announcement of the Spyderco Minuteman, a Sage with a compression lock in 2016 would be surprising.