CRKT Brings out Second Limited Edition Batch of Squid II

Back in August, CRKT surprised us with the release of a limited edition model called the Squid II, a high-end revamp of the very popular Lucas Burnley design. Now the company is dropping a second version alongside the dropping temperatures, this time outfitted with some swanky new Fat Carbon scales.

If you missed the first one, the Squid II model sees Burnley and CRKT refining the long-standing EDC favorite, giving it a longer blade than the original (2.68 inches vs. 2.25 inches), a completely manual thumb stud/flipper setup, and shadowboxed scales with a line-first liner lock. This second batch, unsurprisingly, makes zero changes to the dimensions and relevant specs of the brand new model, doing a cosmetic swap only.

CRKT, as it has for other high-end models in the past, partnered with an Italian OEM for the Squid II, so it was no surprise to see it released first in the OD green Micarta that is a recurring element on Italian-made blades. The October Squid II however comes clad in carbon fiber scales from Fat Carbon, specifically their Dark Matter flavor, which is a marbled black CF with intermittent rich red highlights.

There is a weight difference, but it isn’t one that should bother anybody. The CF Squid II weighs .1 oz. more than its predecessor, which means it tips the scales at 4.9 oz. Again, nothing that will be noticeable to all but the most abstemious ounce-counters – and, if that’s you, the Squid II may not be the knife for you to begin with, given its hardier build overall.

Just like last time, this Squid II is available directly from CRKT only, and restricted to 500 pieces. It’s available now. There is still no word on whether or not this one will enter into the catalog in any kind of ongoing, unlimited production basis, but we are still hoping.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Squid II Carbon Fiber

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