Maciej Torbé Gives Civivi Biggest Fixed Blade Design Yet

One of most striking Civivi prototypes on display at Blade Show West was this absolute unit of a cleaver, fresh from the mind of maker Maciej Torbé. The unnamed prototype takes the prize as the biggest fixed blade Civivi has made so far.

Civivi’s catalog continues a handful of fixed blades at this point, including the award-winning Tamashii, but their catalog still favors folders to the point that any fixed blade is of particular interest, simply for being a fixed blade. That being said, this prototype goes a bit further, because nothing else in the Civivi lineup looks quite like this bad boy. It appears to be based on Torbé’s Divider custom, which has a similarly hard to describe, hard to forget profile.

At heart, we guess it’s accurate to describe the blade as a cleaver – but that’s ignoring a lot of unusual flourishes, like the notched swedge, stylized fuller, huge blade cutout, and the axe beard-like ricasso area that also brings to mind gut hook/skinner knives. And all of this in addition to the sheer size of the thing; it has a blade length of 7.3 inches, which makes it markedly bigger than its nearest competitor, the Teton Tickler. All in all, we’d give this Torbé prototype the “outdoors knife” designation, as it looks like it could be quite a chopper. D2 blade steel gives its intimidating edge the longevity it will need out in the wild, too.

The Torbé proto’s handle is also a bit quirky. It looks like an axe handle in miniature, with the neckish profile and flared butt end you see on these close cousins of fixed blades. The letterboxed scales are cut from thick slabs of olive green G-10, and the exposed tang at the back end looks like it could play the role of an impact tool. No sheath has been shown for this monster yet, nor weight, price, or availibility.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Maciej Torbé Prototype