Divo Knives Builds its Brand with Second Release, the Buzz

Divo Knives is building off the buzz of their first production knife release with a follow-up, an EDC folder called the Buzz. The Buzz brings a different vibe to the table compared to its predecessor the Stout, and is the next step in what Divo envisions will be a long journey as a knife brand.

Divo Knives is the brainchild of Kevin Johnson, who reviews knives over on YouTube as LeftyEDC, and Colin Maisonpierre of CM Knife Designs, the man behind the recent Bestech Tonic. The brand began with a pie-in-the-sky sketch by Johnson of a knife that would eventually become the Stout. “I drew it up on a notepad and that is when I met Colin,” he explains. “He turned my ‘sketch’ into a real knife with proper proportions and mechanics.” The Buzz sees Maisonpierre taking the charge design-wise. “If you follow his designs, you can see the design language there with the slightly contoured handles, creatively placed milling, ergonomic lines, and Sheepsfoot blade (something we both love),” continues Johnson.

The Buzz’s 20CV sheepsfoot blade is 3.3 inches long, which is exactly the same length as the Stout’s blade, but Johnson points out that it’s really designed for a different suite of cutting chores. “Where the Stout was meant to be an all around EDC knife with a stout blade and ended up being a great user for any task from cutting open boxes to use on the camp site, the Buzz is more of a light/medium duty EDC with added fidget factor,” he says, alluding to the feature from which the knife gets its name: an elongated, flat top front flipper that Johnson and Maisonpierre took to calling the Buzz Cut. “It is still very easy to manipulate for those who are not comfortable with traditional front flipper tabs,” Johnson tells us. “[It] is meant to be flipped open like a Zippo lighter would be actuated.”

The Buzz (bottom) alongside its predecessor the Stout

When we talked to Johnson about the Stout in April, he alluded to a handful of future releases, including a knife called the Mash. “Updated prototypes are arriving as we speak, and it may be the next model on the docket depending on how things go,” Johnson says. He also tells us that that docket is getting more and more crowded. “Our future plans include incoming prototypes for the Mash, the Barley (a slip joint design we have licensed to another dealer), the Pony Stout (a slightly smaller and much more affordable Stout design), and possibly the most exciting thing for Divo going forward: we are having prototypes made of a USA made premium bolster lock version of the Growler design!”

Johnson also reflects on the excitement of running a business for himself. “Colin and I are both from the corporate world of business, cogs in the machine, but Divo Knives has allowed us to express our passion, creativity, and grow as business owners.” The enthusiastic response to the Stout, which saw hundreds of enthusiasts posting and talking about the design, spurs them forward. “We have had so much support from the community, it has been overwhelming, and we are so appreciative for it.”

The Buzz is going up for preorder at 1pm EST today, Saturday October 15th. They are expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2023.

Knife in Featured Image: Divo Knives Buzz

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