CRKT’s Field Strip Technology Debuts on the Homefront

Ken Onion has spent the last 10 years working on what CRKT calls “his most significant innovation since spring-assisted knives.” Onion’s newest contribution to knife design is called Field Strip Technology, and is being unveiled on the new Homefront.

The CRKT Field Strip Technology allows the Homefront to be quickly disassembled for cleaning and maintenance without tools. Taking it apart is as easy as flipping a switch attached to the pivot and turning a nut at the end of the knife. You end up with a Homefront separated into three pieces, with no loose screws or washers. The patent pending invention is a fit with CRKT’s military roots because according to Onion, it is ideal for soldiers who may need to clean their knife without access to tools. Restless civilians might also appreciate the tactile experience of having something else to do with a knife when there’s nothing around to cut.

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Field Strip could make it practical to swap in a variety of blades with different steels, shapes, and grinds on a single knife platform. But, CRKT hasn’t announced any plans to go down that road just yet. The Homefront comes with a single 3.5″ drop point blade in AUS-8 Japanese steel. According to CRKT, the new technology won’t compromise the strength of the Homefront. The company says they had an independent lab put it to the test and the new knife demonstrated structural integrity comparable to its flagship M16 Series.

Like the Outrage and the Swindle before it, the Homefront is based off an Onion custom knife. Called the Military Folder, the design was inspired by World War I-era military photos. Field Strip Technology is absent on the Military Folder, but a rep from CRKT says it could end up on Onion’s custom knives someday.

Like the Hi Jinx in 2014 and the No Time Off in 2015, 2016’s Homefront is priced on the upper end of CRKT’s product spectrum. The knife is CRKT’s first mid-year release but expect to see a commemorative Damasteel KISS and Limited Edition M16 Knives to be announced very soon.

Knife featured in image: CRKT Homefront