RMJ Tactical Doubling Down on 3 New Knives

RMJ Tactical is announcing new products at a furious pace. In a single week the company, known for its tomahawks, nearly doubled the number of knives in its catalog.

But that isn’t the only thing that makes these announcements significant. All three new models were designed by RMJ Tactical employees other than Ryan Johnson, the face of the company and lead designer. According to Manufacturing Manager Jonathan Carmack, who designed both the Peregrine and the Reaver “Ryan and Richard [Richard Carmack, Vice President of RMJ Tactical] give us the tools to design and craft our own products under the RMJ Tactical brand”.

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The Peregrine
Carmack is quick to emphasize that the Peregrine is not designed for heavy duty or survival use. It is a cutter, plain and simple. The knife’s aggressive recurve and tanto blade shape make its tactical nature very clear. “I designed it to get someone off me if I need to,” says Carmack. But the Peregrine is small enough and a good enough cutter to flex into other roles: “It can be used everyday around the shop,” Carmack told us. The Peregrine is made from 1084 steel and comes with an RMJ Tactical hybrid leather-kydex sheath. It will sell for $390.

The Sparrow
The Sparrow was designed by Charles Taylor, who is Carmack’s right-hand man and lead heat treater at RMJ Tactical. At just 2.2 oz., it was designed to be something that anybody, no matter their size, could carry. “It fits in the hand of someone that’s 5’1” and 100 lbs,” Carmack told us. Like the Peregrine, the Sparrow can do EDC tasks but was purpose-built to be “sharp and stabby.” The Sparrow (see image below) is made from D2 steel, comes with a Kydex sheath, and will sell for $190.

RMJ Tactical Sparrow

The Reaver
Comparing the name of the Reaver to the other two, you might think it would be a more aggressive design – and you’d be right. The Reaver is RMJ Tactical’s first push dagger, with a 4” blade sharpened on both sides. It was also designed by Carmack, and like the Peregrine it leverages a recurve to enhance its cutting ability. The Reaver (see image below) is made from 1084 steel and comes with a hybrid leather-Kydex sheath. It will sell for $350.

RMJ Tactical Reaver

Knife featured in image: RMJ Tactical Peregrine