CRKT Keeps it Coming with Six New Folders

CRKT has just revealed several mid-year product releases. The new models include six never-before-seen folding knife designs that will be available during the summer. Big names like Brian Tighe and Ken Onion have new designs rolling out alongside offerings from up-and-comers and even a surprise rerelease from the CRKT catalog.

The company’s SHOT Show lineup is receiving praise from reviewers for a noticeable step-up in fit and finish. These new knives showcase the company’s ongoing drive for variety and innovation, and should help CRKT maintain its momentum throughout the back half of 2017.

Philip Booth may not be a household name yet, but in 2017 CRKT is backing this painter-turned-maker in a big way. We’ve already seen the Snicker at SHOT, and the Ripsnort is one of two new mid-year releases from Booth. This tiny tank has a 2.8-inch cleaver blade and sturdy stainless steel construction. The MSRP is $59.99 and it will be available in July.

CRKT Ripsnort

Another Booth design, the Snarky has an unconventional funky recurved tanto. At a 3.2-inch cutting edge the Snarky is the biggest of the three Booth designs from CRKT. The Snarky’s MSRP is set at $49.99 and will be available alongside the Ripsnort in July.

CRKT Snarky

CRKT’s rerelease of the Snap Lock earlier this year met with great acclaim, and it’s bringing a similar discontinued knife back into production. Designed by Tom Hitchcock, the Daktyl is based off of the Hole in One and features a mechanism called the Slide Lock. The knife is engaged by pressing the lever and, like the Snap Lock, swinging the blade out the side in a 180 degree arc. The Daktyl comes with an MSRP of $49.99 and will be available in June.

CRKT Daktyl

Drip Tighe
Brian Tighe has a very distinct style but the new flipper frame lock Drip Tighe moves into new territory while keeping some signature touches. The handle has an unusual ‘dripping’ motif that is made from a stepped piece of G-10 with a carbon fiber-style overlay. The arched handle and cross-shaped pivot let you know this is still a Tighe design. The Drip Tighe’s MSRP is $79.99 and it will be available in July.

CRKT Drip Tighe

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Longtime CRKT collaborator Ken Onion’s latest offering is the Prowess, a mid-sized ball bearing flipper. The Prowess has a 3.3-inch drop point blade made from AUS-8 steel and will be shipping in two configurations: a satin finish plain edge model, or a EDP-coated combo edge variation. The satin Prowess costs $79.99 and the EDP-coated model costs $89.99. Both will be available in June.

CRKT Prowess

Lucas Burnley’s new creation is the Sketch, a friendly-looking folder with a 2.8-inch wharncliffe blade. Many recent CRKT offerings have a subdued color scheme, but the Sketch stands out with red handle scales and a contrasting black oxide-coated blade. Deployment is via a thumb oval like that seen on the popular new Pilar model. The Sketch is the most budget friendly of the new offerings with an MSRP of $39.99. It will be available in August.

CRKT Sketch

In addition to these knives, CRKT is also bringing out the Persevere, a compact 5-in-1 survival tool, and the previously-revealed Forged By War folder. With these releases CRKT is sure to have one of the biggest selections of new production knives at Blade Show 2017, the largest custom knife show in the world. The new offerings will be on display at Booth #31.

Knife featured in image: CRKT Sketch