Spyderco Unveils Mid-Year Product Guide

Update: Spyderco recently announced on their forum that a dark gray G-10 Para 3 in Maxamet steel will also be offered as a standard model.

Spyderco unveiled its mid-year product guide today, bringing news of several new models, line extensions of the Para 3, and a redesign to Spyderco’s rust-proof Salt series.

Spyderco Shaman
The biggest surprise is the announcement of the Shaman, an upsized, redesigned version of the classic Spyderco Native. Though it inherits the same finger choil and streamlined ‘hump-less’ leaf shaped blade from the Native, the US-made Shaman offers 3.6-inches of blade length, contoured G10 handle scales, and a compression lock. Rumors of the Shaman have been circulating among Spyderco fans for years, but its presence in today’s mid-year catalog was unexpected.

Spyderco Shaman

Spyderco Darn Dao
Also new is the Darn Dao, a sizeable fixed blade based on the late Bob Lum’s interpretation of a Chinese broadsword. The beefy, 6mm thick, 10.6″ blade should endow it with formidable chopping and slicing power. The Darn Dao won’t be available for long. Produced in a ‘Flash Batch,’ each knife will be numbered as part of a one-time limited run.

Spyderco Darn Dao

Spyderco Salt Knives
Spyderco’s Salt knives, designed to be impervious to corrosion for aquatic applications, get a major makeover in the mid-year catalog with the Salt 2. Borrowing its handle ergonomics from the ultra-popular Spyderco Delica, the Salt 2 is built without steel liners to ensure rust-free performance, and will come with plain, serrated, and black-coated blades. The hawkbill-bladed Tasman Salt 2 will also get the same handle upgrade, in either black or yellow plain edge or serrated versions. Unveiled at SHOT show but also featured in the new catalog is the brand-new Caribbean, an upscale Salt series design with milled yellow and black G10 handles, a compression lock, and LC200N blade steel for better cutting and edge-holding performance.

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Para 3 Line Extensions
Spyderco wastes no time bringing the new Para 3 line up to speed with a slew of new variants to match their Paramilitary 2 options. Fully serrated, partially serrated, digicam, black-coated, and S110V Para 3 versions are in the catalog and on their way, alongside two limited sprint runs: CPM S90V steel with carbon fiber handles, and CPM CRU-WEAR steel with grey G10 handles. The Paramilitary 2 isn’t forgotten, either; it will see an upgraded version in ultra-hard Maxamet steel – news that is sure to excite even the most jaded steel snobs.

More SHOT Show / Amsterdam Meet Reveals
The mid-year catalog formally announces several new knives that were first unveiled either at SHOT Show in January or at the Amsterdam meet in March. The Manix 2 returns to its roots with a beefy back-lock version. Serge Panchenko’s popular Dogtag folder has been redesigned with a v-ground instead of chisel blade. Mini versions of both the budget Polestar folder and the premium Vallotton Sub-Hilt are coming in the Alcyone and Lil’ Sub-Hilt, respectively. Fans of Spyderco flippers are sure to be excited by the inclusion of two compression lock flipper designs: the Hanan by Brad Southard and the Sliverax by Paul Alexander. A.T. Barr’s classy, playful One-Eyed Jack design is sure to please your inner card shark, and Johnny Liao’s viper-inspired Hundred Pacer design has a curvaceous, venomous look and but surprisingly inviting ergonomics.

Spyderco Hundred Pacer

Spyderco Caribbean Leaf

Spyderco Hanan

Spyderco One-Eyed Jack

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Shaman