CRKT Releases New Premium Dew Hara Design

CRKT is getting ready to release the Hirin, a brand new, limited edition premium knife. The Hirin is designed by returning collaborator Dew Hara, and vivifies the dagger-style folder concept with Hara’s particular futuristic flair.

Hara’s style is a technical one: hard angles and striking shapes abound on on both his blade and handle elements. The Hirin, which is based on a custom piece that Hara created in 2018, bears his hallmarks quite clearly. On fundamental level the Hirin has a dagger-style blade, but the massive cutout in the middle of that blade makes it look striking and different. Its a mid-sized blade, measuring 3.39 inches long, and is made from M390 steel.

The cutout is not any kind of opening mechanism on the Hirin, because the blade buries itself completely in the handle when the knife is closed. Instead, it is opened with a flipper tab that is incorporated into the symmetrical at its base. And of course CRKT outfitted this one with their IKBS ball bearing pivot system as well. As with the previously-released Raikiri, the Hirin’s pivot has a dual tomoe symbol on the pivot, just like Hara’s custom work.

For as bold as the blade is, the Hirin’s handle is where Hara and CRKT really went to town. It’s made from textured titanium that has been heavily skeletonized, with much of the handle’s real estate consisting of large, spacious cutouts echoing the one on the blade. This frame has been given a two-tone, blue/gold anodization job as well, and a reversible clip attaches via standoffs at the far end. The liner lock Hirin weighs 5.9 oz. and comes with a leather foldover carry case like the XOC, another limited edition premium release, did.

The Hirin is produced by Lionsteel in Maniago, Italy, and it will enjoy a larger run that the XOC. CRKT says there will be 500 pieces available. They tell us the knife will be available to purchase tomorrow, July 28th, 2020.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Hirin