XM-Slippy Joins Vintage Series Lineup

Another Rick Hinderer Knives model is getting the Vintage Series treatment, and this time it’s the XM-Slippy. This model’s slipjoint nature blends naturally well with the Vintage series aesthetic.

The XM-Slippy released all the way back in 2017. It made waves due to its major mechanical departures from previous Hinderer knives. The company is virtually synonymous with titanium frame lock flippers: the popularity and desirability of the XM-18 helped establish that format as the dominant knife genre in the market.

While the original XM-Slippy still had the G-10/titanium combo handle, gone was the frame lock, replaced by a non-locking slipjoint mechanism that is a bit techier than the slipjoints of yore, incorporating an internal stop pin as the main blade retention feature instead of a spring bar. It also stayed in step with other Hinderer models in terms of tweakability, with an included thumb disk that could be adjusted along the spine of the knife for one-handed opening, or removed altogether.

Of course, we know the Vintage Series drill by now: no changes to the design, just a material swap that hearkens back to distant times. Instead of the G-10/titanium the XM-Slippy has scales of natural walnut wood; and O-1 tool steel replaces the powder metallurgy stainless steel a Hinderer knife normally comes outfitted with.

The changes are an obvious fit with the XM-Slippy. Wood and tool steel are kind of materials we expect to see on classic, non-locking, two-hand opening knives; and while the XM-Slippy is thoroughly modern and can even open one-handed, it still draws on that traditional, well, tradition for its overall look and feel.

And there’s even a spec that changes markedly for the better: the loss of the titanium back scale means that the Vintage XM-Slippy is lighter than its forbear by more than half an ounce, weighing in at 3 oz. even.

The XM-Slippy is available now from Hinderer and certain dealers. There is no difference in price between the Vintage Series model and a standard XM-Slippy.

Knife in Featured Image: Rick Hinderer Knives Vintage XM-Slippy