Benchmade Shows off Limited Unlimited Infidel

Benchmade is capping off the week with the reveal of a new variation of the Infidel OTF automatic. The 3300BK-2001 tweaks the handle color and blade steel of Benchmade’s most famous auto, and will only be available for a set amount of time.

There are two major differences between the 2001 and the standard Infidel. The eye-catchingly obvious one is the handle, which has been anodized a bright Benchmade blue. Additionally, the blade steel on this version is S30V instead of D2 – a switchup that we’ve seen on other variant Infidels before. While the relative merits of S30V and D2 can be debated, the former will probably be accepted by most as a step up in performance. S30V benefits from the corrosion resistance of a stainless steel, and a black diamond-like coating reduces the chances of rust even further.

Benchmade has released the 2001 under their Limited Unlimited series. This means that the knife will be available on an ongoing basis for a set amount of time – in this case, one year. After that it will be removed from production. Whether it will jump up in value once it’s discontinued remains to be seen, but for now the 2001, even with the different materials, only costs a little more than a standard Infidel.

The core of Benchmade’s catalog consists of designs that have been around for an exceedingly long time in the fast-changing knife world. They’ve been producing the Infidel for more than a decade now, so naturally the platform has seen its share of variations. Last year we got the bronzed out 1901, and in 2018 the knife celebrated its tenth birthday in style with the sleek, monochromatic 1701.

The 3300BK-2001 is expected to be available next month.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade 3300BK-2001 Infidel