CRKT Turns Clever Girl Fixed Blade into Deadbolt Folder

CRKT is teaming up once again with Austin McGlaun to turn the award-winning Clever Girl fixed blade into a beefed up folding knife. The Clever Girl folder keeps the look of its fixed blade forerunner and also utilizes CRKT’s headlining Deadbolt locking mechanism.

As a small scale tactical fixed blade, the original Clever Girl won accolades from users who appreciated its tough steel, simple but solid ergonomics, and stylish, functional trailing point blade. From the first glance it’s clear that the Clever Girl folder keeps many of the overall lines of the original, right down to the diagonal stripe millwork on its G-10 scales.

The proportions are definitely scaled back, however. The folder’s blade length has been reduced by about half an inch, but is still well within large folder territory at 4.08 inches long. A flipper tab opener benefits from another piece of CRKT tech: the IKBS ball bearing pivot. The Clever Girl fixed blade was made from SK5 carbon steel, but the folder has been outfitted with a more “folder friendly” steel, PVD-coated D2.

McGlaun’s Clever Girl folder is the latest knife to sport the new, Flavio Ikoma-designed Deadbolt mechanism. This new lock has shown up on several CRKT models including their hyper premium XOC knife. Pins attached to the offside pivot component engage with cutouts in the tang when the blade slides into the open position. They are subsequently disengaged by pressing on the show side pivot like a button. The Clever Girl folder marks the first time that the mechanism has appeared on a Forged by War release.

CRKT has been quietly releasing new products onto their website recently. Their string of upgraded versions of existing models continued recently with a Ripsnort in D2 blade steel, and a special edition of the Homefront in premium materials. Another limited edition design from Ken Onion, called the Motley, has also been recently revealed.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Clever Girl Folder