CRKT Unveils 2021 Preview Models

CRKT is giving us a taste of what’s to come with their 2021 preview models. Every year the company releases a few new knives that fall under this preview designation. Usually they show up at or around Blade Show, but given that Blade is cancelled this year, CRKT surprised us with them now. The Preview mainly emphasizes variations on existing designs that have been popular in the company’s lineup.

Razelcliffe Compact

The Razelcliffe Compact has been making the social media rounds for a couple weeks; now we know it is officially part of the 2021 preview series. This is a production take on the Razelcliffe, a highly sought-after custom knife from Graham Knives. The Razelcliffe Compact’s main feature is the eponymous razelcliffe blade, which blends a chisel shape with two separate cutting edges – all, in this compact model, within a blade that is just 2.09 inches long.

Crossbones Bronze and Jumbones Blackout

The Jeff Park-designed Crossbones and Jumbones have quickly ingratiated themselves with CRKT’s customers; both the bigger and littler knife are getting a new cosmetic variation. The Crossbones has a bronze variant – it’s still made from aluminum, but anodized emulate the visual appeal of that other metal without augmenting the weight or price. Meanwhile, the Jumbones is going in the complete opposite direction, with a super subdued blackout model.

Provoke Desert Sand

The Provoke probably needs no introduction, but in case you’re new to the knife world, it is the long-awaited production version of Joe Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife. The Provoke has already received alternate colorations and now it’s getting another: a desert-themed tan/black scheme.

CEO Bamboo

This is a Richard Rodgers design, and even in its original incarnation it exuded that gent’s folder vibe. On this version we see that vibe modulated by GRN scales shaped to look like bamboo. The scales impart a different, but equally classy, look to this particular CEO model.

All of these new knives have popped up on CRKT’s website and are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Razelcliffe Compact