Terrain 365 Channels Bob Loveless for Newest Folder

Terrain 365 is back again with another new release, the STS-AT. This latest frame lock takes its inspiration from a trendsetting design by none other than master knife maker Bob Loveless himself.

Fans of Loveless’s work will immediately recognize the STS-AT’s lineage: it is based off of the Loveless Chute Knife design. This is a fixed blade that Loveless first created for one specific customer, Harry Archer. “Archer required a knife that could be used for cutting parachute lines, wilderness
survival, personal safety, and more; and also do so in demanding, rough environments,” Terrain 365 explains. Eventually the Chute Kknife went on to become another immediately recognizable pattern in Loveless’s impressive portfolio.

“The STS-AT not only draws its blade shape inspiration from the Loveless chute, but also its intent,” Terrain 365 continues. The STS-AT’s blade measures 3.5 inches long, and its iconic clip shape with elongated swedge lends itself to a large variety of cutting jobs, both indoors and outdoors. To further this flexibility the STS-AT will indeed be sporting Terravantium, Terrain 365’s signature, rustproof cobalt alloy.

An unpretentious handle compliments the durable and capable blade. It deviates from the Loveless Chute Knife handle, which is a arc shape with a slightly flared-out end – but given that this is a modern folder rather than a traditional fixed blade, that shouldn’t be too surprising. The STS-AT takes after its stablemates in the Terrain 365 lineup, with a linear, grooved handle like we saw on the Invictus AT.

The STS-AT comes in three different flavors: a full titanium-handled model, or ones with either black or green G-10 front scales. All models features the same clip and frame lock mechanism.

Terrain 365 has had a relatively busy summer so far. The company’s products have come at an idiosyncratic pace, with occasional long gaps between releases as they tweak and fine tune each piece. But the STS-AT follows less than two months after the Mako, Terrain 365’s last big release.

The company says that the STS-AT will be available tomorrow, August 4th, at 12pm PST/3pm EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 STS-AT