Terrain 365 Mako Flipper Heads for Open Waters

Terrain 365 is releasing their first-ever flipper knife today. Called the Mako, the new knife will be keying into one of Terrain 365’s original themes with a completely rustproof construction.

The Mako inherits a nautically-inspired style from the Nautilus Alpha, a previous fixed blade offering from the company. Like the Alpha, the Mako has a harpoon-style blade; here on this folding knife, however, the length has been understandably reduced and measures 3.125 inches long. “After sitting down and reviewing the finished CAD drawing we noted that the design naturally evolved into a form, which in many ways, resembled the streamlined morphology of a shark,” the company writes in the official Mako release.

We have seen folding knives from Terrain 365 before now, but the Mako is making waves as the first flipper knife from the young company. In breaking into the premium flipper market the team at Terrain 365 wanted to do it right; thus the Mako has a ceramic ball bearing pivot and detent to ensure a smooth, reliable, and fast action. “The Mako shark being the fastest of all shark species was a great name fit for the flipper opening action on this new framelock design,” the company notes.

Knife maker Michael Vagnino is a key part of the Terrain 365 team, alongside company founder Patrick Ma. In their knife design work both favor simple ergonomics, and this predilection is certainly on display with the Mako. The handle has a single ridge in the center of the grip for indexing purposes, and a large finger guard, but is otherwise as simple as can be. The milled lines on the handle are another echo of the Nautilus Alpha; the Mako comes with a milled titanium pocket clip.

Terrain 365 has made “regular” knives before, but the Mako is ready for the water with a 100% rustproof construction. The blade steel is the company’s proprietary cobalt alloy, Terravantium, while all the internal and external components – right down to the bronze bearing race for the pivot – are made from rust-immune materials.

The Mako is going live on Terrain 365’s site later today, Wednesday June 10th, at 12pm PST.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 Mako