Lionsteel Expands Outdoors Fixed Blade Lineup with B41

Lionsteel is back with its first new release since the beginning of the year. The B41 continues the Maniago, Italy company’s recent emphasis on outdoors-centric fixed blades, expanding on the line they first kicked off last year.

This is the third entry in a series that began in February 2019, with the reveal of the B40, a mid-size knife optimized for use in the great outdoors. The B40 has a 3.85-inch long blade; at the beginning of this year, Lionsteel followed it up with the B35, which retained the outdoors-centric design philosophy but shrunk the blade down to 3.54 inches.

As might be gleaned from its numerical designation, the B41 is the biggest entry in the line yet, with a blade length of 4.09 inches. The blade shape is a utilitarian spear point, with a flat grind for durability and performance. The extra blade length relative to its stablemates makes the B41 a good choice for heavier duty camp and bushcrafting chores, while allowing it to remain compact enough to be a flexible, well-rounded companion. In keeping with the rest of the series, the B41 is made from Sleipner steel, a semi-stainless that is often compared to D2. In practical terms it offers similarly good edge retention and a step up in toughness compared to that venerable steel.

The handle sticks to the basics with a neutral profile that, like the blade, can be adapted into different roles without fuss. A lanyard hole has been cut into the tang at the back end; one portion of the lanyard loop has been machined flat, and can serve as a striking surface for starting fires while the blade is safely sheathed.

As with the rest of the B fixed blade family, the B41 can be had with Micarta, G-10, or wood handle scales. The G-10 scales come in three colors: black, green, and orange. The woods on offer are Lionsteel’s go-to santos and olive. The wood models are the lightest with a weight of 5.54 oz., while the Micarta and G-10 models weigh 6.21 and 6.56 oz. respectively. All B41 models come with a leather sheath.

Knife in Featured Image: Lionsteel B41