Terrain 365’s First Slipjoint Finally Set to Arrive

Terrain 365 is releasing the Otter slipjoint this week. The long-awaited model is the first slipjoint from Terrain 365 and still benefits from the company’s proprietary cobalt alloy.

According to Terrain 365, they drew on the classic barlow knife pattern when creating the Otter. Blade shapes for barlows vary from knife to knife, but the spear point is a classic option and that’s what Terrain 365 went with here. It measures 3 inches even, making it well-suited for a multitude of EDC jobs.

The Otter’s blade is made from Terravantium, the rustproof cobalt alloy that was the core feature of Terrain 365’s lineup when it launched. Last year, Terrain 365’s Mini-Butterfly knife came with an M390 option, but for now at least it appears that the Otter is only available in Terravantium. Users access the blade with an elongated French cut-style nail mark, cut into both the front and back of the blade for totally ambidextrous opening.

Terrain 365 eschewed the traditional single bolster for their Barlow riff. Instead, front and back scales are simple, gently contoured pieces of material laid over titanium liners. In an unusual nod to its traditional heritage, the Otter comes with a bail instead of the perhaps more expected lanyard hole. Even if the bail itself is old-fashioned, the material choice is not: like the liners it is made from titanium.

The Otter, which Terrain 365 has been teasing for some time, is finally ready to join Terrain 365’s growing lineup of fixed blades and folders. Prices vary depending on the handle material. The G-10 options – Marine Gray, Black, and OD Green – have a price tag of $267. The carbon fiber model retails for $299. The titanium-handled model (which also does not have separate titanium liners, of course) costs $318. The entire lineup is going to be available tomorrow, Wednesday, January 29th.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 Otter