First 2020 KA-BAR Products Include Gunny Tribute

KA-BAR‘s first batch of new for 2020 products are inbound. The Oleans, NY-based KA-BAR focused on fixed blades, among them a tribute to celebrity KA-BAR collaborator R. Lee Ermey.

Becker BK18

This is the latest model in KA-BAR’s ongoing collaborative partnership with Ethan Becker. The BK18 sports a harpoon-style blade with a 4.58-inch cutting edge, made from KA-BAR’s usual, reliable 1095 Cro-Van. Becker enjoys a reputation as a master of fixed blade ergonomics, and the BK18, like his other KA-BAR designs, has a subtle handle that maximizes the potential of its simple overall shape with conscious contouring. The BK18 comes with a polymer sheath and comes with a tan blade coating. The MSRP is set at $116.54.

1119 Wrench Knife

Although it is also a fixed blade, the Wrench Knife is a very different type of cutting tool than the BK18. First of all, it’s smaller, with a blade length of just 3 inches. It’s also forged from 425, a stainless steel that improves somewhat on the performance of its predecessor 420. Finally, there is the feature from which the knife gets its name: a ring at the bottom of the handle that can function as a wrench. KA-BAR is targeting entry-level users with the Wrench Knife, giving it an MSRP of $54.74.

Gunny Knife

Easily the most premium new offering KA-BAR is the Gunny. Named after actor R. Lee Ermey, the knife was his last KA-BAR project before passing in 2018.

Its massive 9.75-inch blade has been giving a curving, leaf-like shape – almost resembling a straightened-out kukri blade. Made from 1095 Cro-Van, the Gunny’s blade is optimized for the outdoors, whether that means chopping, slicing, or hacking through underbrush; and the arcing handle is flared out enough to provide the leverage necessary for those kind of chores. KA-BAR provided the Gunny with scales of WebbWood, a wood laminate material like Dymondwood. The knife weighs 15.02 oz. and comes with a premium leather sheath for carry.

The Gunny is available now from KA-BAR. The BK18 and Wrench Knife are scheduled for a February-March release window.

Knives in Featured Image [top to bottom]: KA-BAR BK18 and 1119 Wrench Knife