Morakniv Respecs Floating Knife for All-Purpose Cutting

Morakniv isn’t known for debuting products in January, but this year the Swedish company is doing things a little differently. Instead of holding out until the spring for new product reveals, Mora debuted the Floating Knife at SHOT this week.

In 2018, Mora came out with the Floating Serrated Knife, which implemented a cork handle to reduce weight and make the knife capable of floating on water. That knife was designed explicitly for nautical use; at the time Mora said they recognized the possible opportunity of a whole cork handle knife line but weren’t pursuing anything. Now, they’ve turned their attention back to the concept with this second model, which makes key changes to the Floating Serrated Knife design.

First and foremost is the lack of serrations. The Floating Knife’s 3.8-inch blade is a classic, plain edge drop point that will be a familiar sight to any Mora fan. Another significant difference with this model occurs at the tip. The Floating Serrated Knife, like many blades designed for nautical use, came with a blunted tip to prevent accidental punctures while working with netting and other delicate materials. Here, Mora reinstituted a standard, pierce-capable tip.

These changes indicate an interest in creating a less specialized cutting tool than before. While the Floating Knife’s cork handle and high visibility lime green coloration make it great for use around the water, its more generalized blade design opens the door for the kind of cutting chores similarly-size Mora knives like the Basic excel at. The cork handle also makes the Floating Knife extremely light, even compared to other Mora products. Mora lists the weight of the Floating Knife at just 1.73 oz.

Mora says the new knife will be available for purchase in the spring, with an MSRP of $27.

Knife in Featured Image: Mora Floating Knife