TOPS 2020 Releases Cover Lots of Ground

TOPS brought a vast array of blades to SHOT Show last week – over a dozen new knives total. The overriding theme is variety, with releases catering to users of big knives, small knives, and everything in between.

Ucon Hawk

The Ucon Hawk is one of two new axes on the way. This model sports a hammer extension on the back side of the axehead, and a curved cutting edge 4.88 inches in length.

High Impact

The High Impact is just a tad longer than the Ucon Hawk, with a blade length of 5 inches even. It too has a hammer on the back portion of its head, and a crookbacked handle ready for use in two-handed swings.


A spiritual successor to El Chete, the Bestia is big and bad in the traditional TOPS way. Its kukri-esque chopping blade runs to 13 inches in length, and its handle is a bit longer than that of its predecessor.

Fillet Knife

TOPS took the handle design of their Lioness and Scandi Woodsman models, but attached it to a long, sweeping fillet knife blade for this one. While the prototypes at SHOT were made from 1095, TOPS tells us the final models will be made from 154CM.


This knife is designed by Tom√°s Reynoso, an outdoors instructor from Argentina. The blade measures 3 inches long and has an almost beak-like shape – perhaps inspired by the Argentinian bird it is named after.

Mini Tanimboca Puukko

This is the dinky follow-up to the full-sized release from a few years back. Designer Goran Mihajlovic gave this knife a blade length of just 1.75 inches and it weighs 1.3 oz.

Muley Saw

This one is part of a two-knife kit designed to cover all the bases for hunters. It has a gut hook and fully 5-inch serrated blade, which is made from 154CM stainless steel.

Muley Skinner

Part two of the Muley kit, this plain edge, 4.63-inch drop point knife weighs 6 oz. Like the Muley Saw, there is a rubber lining underneath the G-10 scales to aid in grip during use.

Storm Vector

An imposing knife by any standard, the Storm Vector is TOPS’s take on the seax knife. Its 12.7-inch blade runs at a slight negative angle but is completely straight. The full tang Storm Vector is made from TOPS’s preferred 1095 carbon steel.

Trail Seeker

TOPS tells us that this is the fourth winner of their in-house design contest, where employees compete to have one of their knife designs produced by the company. The Trail Seeker’s 4.5-inch clip blade and unadorned handle make it an all-purpose outdoors knife.


The Toco is a new EDC-style fixed blade from TOPS CEO Leo Espinoza. It has a 3-inch drop point blade and can be had with or without scales.

Brush Wolf

Designed by Nate and Aaron Morgan, the Brush Wolf can handle lots of different outdoors roles. The nessmuk-ish blade is 6.5-inches long and mated to a roomy handle designed for multiple different grips.


This unusual knife is an extension of sorts to TOPS’s existing Lioness model. Its blade length is about the same length but with an obviously recalibrated edge.


The Vicuna is another new hunting knife for this year. The most notable feature is the unusually-shaped blade, which is 4 inches long and, like other 2020 hunters, made from 154CM.

Night Spike

TOPS’s first foray into the world of throwing knives is this large blade. It has a 5.63-inch modifed tanto blade and a long enough handle for uses other than throwing.


This is the first TOPS design from primitive survival skills expert David Holladay. It has a 4.75-inch trailing point blade and an incredibly simple, universal handle design.

Camp Creek Fire Edition

This is an update of the Camp Creek, the first knife in the TOPS lineup to be made from S35VN. This new version retains the super steel and extends the overall blade length out to 4.63 inches.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Night Spike