Rike Creates G-10 Integral Flipper Knife

One of the standout blades at the Rike Knives SHOT Show booth was the Batman knife. The Batman is the first production G-10 integral to appear on the market.

In terms of application, the Batman comes spec’d as a larger EDC-style blade. It has a blade length of 3.74 inches, made from N690Co stainless. Rike gave that blade a slim drop point shape, flexible enough to accomplish many different chores. The Batman is flat grind from a third of the way down the blade and showcases a totally sterile finish, with no logos or other iconography are present.

Rike outfitted the Batman with the expected ball bearing pivot-powered flipper. The flipper tab is ring-shaped, with knurling around its circumfrence to provide traction during opening and also further emphasize the knife’s overall technical styling. The Batman is a pure flipper, with no other way of opening the blade provided.

But the biggest talking point on the Batman is its G-10 integral handle. In a production knife first, Rike machined an entire, three-dimensional handle frame from a single piece of G-10. As is the case with all integral knives, the construction method mean there is a significant reduction in necessary hardware since there aren’t separate scales that need to be held together. In terms of general lines Rike kept the handle simple: one large finger groove below the pivot and a mild, arching shape to its spine. Finally, they embellished it with carbon fiber inlays on both the front and back of the knife.

G-10, unlike titanium, can’t incorporate a lock directly in the material, a liner lock-like leaf is fastened into the interior of the Batman’s handle. It also comes with a deep carry pocket clip, which has been given some decorative cutouts. Rike tells us the Batman weighs 3.5 oz. and will come in both red and black colorations.

No release date or final price has been given for the Batman at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: Rike Batman

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