Culinary Pro Cooks Up Folding Chef’s Knife

Cutthroat Kitchen and Below Deck alumnus Adam Glick is currently funding his first ever Kickstarter project, the Adventure Chef Knife Collection. The concept behind the Adventure Chef Knife Collection is a series of folding tools that encompass a number of culinary knife roles, all designed to be carried outside of traditional kitchen settings.

The centerpiece of the collection is the Folding Chef’s Knife. Filling the same multipurpose roles its fixed blade counterpart does, the Folding Chef’s Knife comes with a 6-inch blade made from 1.4116 stainless steel and opens via a nail mark. Its blade shape echoes traditional Western kitchen knife design, although somewhat modified to accommodate its folding nature. “Out of all the components in the Adventure Chef Kit, the Chef’s Knife was the most difficult to design,” Glick tells us. The biggest challenge was getting the ergonomics right, because the handle designs of kitchen knives and folding knives are very different. “With any standard pocket knife being used like a Chef’s Knife, your knuckles will hit the cutting board before the blade does.” So Glick ensure that the bottom of the blade would extend past the user’s hand. The Folding Chef’s Knife is a liner lock; not mean to be carried in the pocket, it is clipless and weighs 7.6 oz.

Three more tools bring additional functionality. A Folding Fillet Knife does what it says on the tin, incorporating a flexible 6-inch cutting edge. The Folding Camp Utensil brings a 3.25-inch clip point blade sporting a combination edge, but also folding fork and spoon utensils. Finally there is the Folding Peeler & Parer: its 3.5-inch paring blade folds out alongside a combination peeler/fish scaler. The full kit also includes a folding cutting board made TPE polymer and measuring 10.75 inches across. Everything fits into a waxed canvas carrying case for optimal portability.

Glick appeared on one of the first ever episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen and, later, on Seasons 2 and 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean. The Collection was inspired by his wide-roaming lifestyle. “As a chef I’m looking for a knife that’s well balanced and weighted, razor sharp, and made with high quality steel,” he explains. “As an adventurist I need something practical, compact, portable and easy to clean. With Messermeister’s help we were able to suit all of my needs.”

But Glick also readily acknowledges that he wanted the Collection to cater to more mundane uses as well. “Let’s face it, there aren’t too many adventure chefs in this world. But everyone has to eat.” He envisions campers, home chefs, and others engaging in outdoor lifestyles finding a use for his design. “This kit is designed for anyone who loves to eat outdoors. From slicing up an apple as a snack on a road trip, to feeding the family in the back yard by the grill.”

The Adventure Chef Collection is Glick’s first Kickstarter venture and has already met its goal of $25,000. Funding ends on October 26th, and the knives are expected to start shipping in November.

Knife in Featured Image: Adam Glick Folding Chef’s Knife