Steel Will Develops Large, Sleek Gienah Folder

Steel Will is rolling out the Gienah, the newest budget-oriented knife in their ever-growing lineup.

The big (literally) selling point on the Gienah is the size of its blade: at 3.9 inches, it puts the knife in pole position for largest folder in the current catalog. A modified wharncliffe blade shape lends the Gienah serious flexibility when it comes to cutting roles: hard use, backup outdoors blade, or even a large EDC are all well within the offered possibilities. The Gienah comes in coated and uncoated blade options like many other Steel Will offerings, but in any configuration the blade steel is D2 semi stainless. Another interesting trait of the Gienah is that, unlike most of Steel Will’s (many) recent releases, it is solely operated via thumbstud, with no option for a flipper version at this time.

In addition to the relatively narrow blade, the Gienah’s handle helps it achieve a relatively restrained overall footprint. Also narrow, the handle runs in a mainly linear direction back from the pivot, terminating in a tapering, tail-like back end. On the blade channel side, the handle is divided into two major areas for grip, and the flared finger guard provides a measure of safety in terms of keeping the fingers from sliding forward. The careful attention Steel Will paid to the Gienah’s proportions show in the knife’s weight; even with the long blade it tips the scales at 3.88 oz. – significantly lighter than some of its closest stablemates like the Apostate. A reversible pocket clip is also included, but not deep carry.

The last release we saw from Steel Will was the Mini Modus, almost precisely a month ago. The Mini Modus was, as the name tells you, a smaller version of an existing model. The company has stated that at this time they have no plans on giving the Gienah a shrunk-down companion piece.

The Gienah is available today, with an MSRP of $74.99 no matter which handle/blade combo you pick.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Gienah