Gustavo Cecchini’s ZT 0055 Model Gets Second New Sprint Run

The ZT 0055, Gustavo Cecchini‘s first collaboration with Zero Tolerance, is getting a new Sprint Run. Not only does the ZT 0055BLK feature a unique coloration, visual tweaks, and upgraded steel, it also provides fans with another chance to snag a recently discontinued model.

For the most part, ZT keeps it simple with their Sprint Runs, tweaking things and issuing upgrades but rarely leaning into any massive changes; and they didn’t rock the boat with the 0055BLK: the most significant upgrade for those who want to press this knife into use will be the blade steel bump-up, from S35VN on the base model to CPM-20CV. The blade has also been hit with a black DLC coating, but otherwise retains the same futuristic, canted tanto blade shape that defined the original.

The opening method, Cecchini’s famous S.L.T. (Spring-loaded Tab) mechanism, also remains; the 0055 was the first time the S.L.T. made it into a production format. The handle and airfoil-like pocket clip are also DLC-coated; the primary flats on the front and back scales are further embellished by a fractal, polygonal pattern.

The original ZT 0055, which debuted in 2017, was discontinued last year. Stock for the knife in its original format has dwindled and seems set to vanish entirely in the near future. The release of this Sprint Run gives would-be customers another bite of the apple, and is the second time that ZT has dressed up the 0055 for a special release. The 0055BRZ came out earlier this year, with its own specific color scheme; it was the first time the 0055 came out with CPM-20CV.

The 0055BLK is set to be available shortly with an MSRP of $325.

Knife in Featured Image: ZT 0055BLK

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