James Brand Expands Catalog with First Front Flipper

James Brand is bringing out the Duval, their first front flipper model. The Duval takes the people-friendly size of the County into design territory that is entirely new for the Portland, Oregon-based company.

The Duval’s blade measures 2.6 inches, which is just a hair longer than the County slipjoint’s drop point. Here, James Brand opted for a modified sheepsfoot profile, canting the drop to the tip back to allow a bit more piercing ability and thus toeing the distinction between wharncliffe and sheepsfoot. James Brand’s metallurgical interest recently has been with Damasteel; we’ve seen the Chapter debut with the material recently and the Duval is following suit with a Damasteel option. However, the baseline steel is S35VN.

Obviously the standout feature on the Duval is its opening mechanism: it is the first front flipper in the James Brand lineup. Front flipper design varies from knife to knife, and here James Brand came up with a tab that is in line with the pivot, dead center in the handle. This means that a thumb roll or index finger pull can deploy the knife, which locks up with a titanium frame lock.

A simple tear drop handle shape is designed to allows this small knife to accept a full four finger grip. James Brand is coming in hot with the onlay options too, with Micarta, rosewood, and plain titanium all available for customers. The Duval weighs just a smidge more than the County, tipping the scales at 2 oz. even. Designed for clipless carry, a lanyard post provides a retrieval method and possibly even a way to keep the knife from slipping down into a pocket.

The Duval is available now, with an MSRP starting at $275.

Knife in Featured Image: James Brand Duval

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