Steel Will Rolls out Back-to-Back Releases

Steel Will just released two new folders to the market, one a budget-oriented flipper, the other a sequel to a discontinued model geared towards higher-end tastes.


Steel Will unleashed a spate of budget-friendly knives this year, the most recent being the Chatbot which released in July. The Shaula follows in this style, which means materials that all Steel Will users will be familiar with: G-10 handle scales, a steel liner lock, and semi-stainless D2 blade steel.

What kind of knife do these materials comprise this time? The Shaula’s 3.4-inch drop blade toes the line between drop and clip point, and the swedge on top imparts just the slightest harpoon characteristic. The handle is narrow and sweeps down, and the Shaula’s scales come with a grid-like pattern cut into them. A deep carry pocket clip mimics the Shaula’s curves, and this new flipper weighs 3.63 ounces.

Mini Apostate

While a new model line was started with the Shaula, Steel Will’s other release revives an older one. The original Apostate was a large folder that came out with a 4.13 inch blade and weight of 6.17 oz. That knife has been discontinued, so in some ways the mini Apostate is a sequel rather than a line expansion; either way it is still a large knife.

The mini Apostate’s blade measures 3.7 inches, and like the original is made from S35VN blade steel. Although it is an upmarket release for Steel Will, the mini Apostate still seems geared towards hard work, with a no-frills G-10 handle and a titanium frame lock with a new steel insert interface. The original Apostate also came in a tanto configuration but so far the drop point is the only one available. The (relative) reduction is size does knock the weight down considerably, too: the mini Apostate tips the scales at 4.76 oz.

Both the Shaula and the mini Apostate are available now. MSRP for the Shaula is $59.99; MSRP for the mini Apostate is $169.99.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Knives Shaula