Modus Mini is Latest Release in Steel Will Product Blitz

Steel Will is bringing out yet another new budget format model, this time a smaller sequel to one of their previous releases. The Modus Mini shrinks the existing Modus model down to even more EDC-ready dimensions.

The biggest difference between the Mini and the original is a half-inch drop in blade length. This reduction changes the profile of the Modus’s modified wharncliffe slightly, imparting a stubbier, wider feel to the Mini’s blade. Steel Will also saw that the Modus Mini was given a slight reduction in blade stock, from .13″ to .12″. They retained the D2 – no surprise given that the entire Steel Will budget line is defined by the use of this steel.

The Modus Mini preserves the full-size model’s handle design: three large grooves cut into a slightly arched shape, with a knurled backspacer that stands proud from the handle scales themselves. There’s a small dip ahead of that back spacer that runs seamlessly into the blade spine’s jimped thumb ramp. Steel Will also retained the polygonal pattern cut into the FRN scales and the liner lock mechanism. The Modus Mini is about half an ounce lighter than the Modus, tipping the scales at 2.86 oz.

Steel Will released the original Modus a couple years ago, debuting both a budget model with identical trim to the Modus Mini, and a premium version with G-10 scales and an M390 blade. Currently the Mini is only available in the FRN/D2 configuration.

The Modus Mini is the latest in a spate of releases that includes the Shaula, Mini Apostate, and Chatbot models. Steel Will says to expect the Modus Mini to be available on September 16th, with an MSRP of $54.99

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Modus Mini