Spyderco Product Reveal 3: New Folders, Kitchen Knives

Spyderco dropped the latest Reveal guide this afternoon, showing off a slew of new products. In addition to two Sprint Runs, two new folders and a new piece of kitchen cutlery are on the way.


The Siren was designed by kayak fisherman Lance Clinton, who was also the man behind the Waterway fixed blade. Once again, Clinton had the idea of making the kind of knife ideally suited to use in and around water. This is the latest Spyderco release to use LC200N steel, renowned for its extreme resistance to rust. Here, it forms a drop point blade that runs to 3.61 inches in length. The Siren’s G-10 scales have been hit with a coarse, extra grippy pattern, and a flared out finger guard keeps hands from moving up onto the blade itself. Lock-wise, Clinton and Spyderco settled on a simple lock back.

Tenacious Lightweight

In a surprising move Spyderco is returning to its original budget knife hit, the Tenacious, and bringing the venerable (in knife world terms) design into the growing, FRN-scaled Lightweight Series fold. Changing from G-10 to FRN has saved the Tenacious .2 oz. in weight (bringing it down to 3.8 oz.), and it is also ever-so-slightly cheaper than the original: Spyderco gave it an MSRP of $65 compared to $73 on its predecessor.

Counter Puppy

Spyderco’s obvious interest in expanding its kitchen cutlery offerings continues with the Counter Puppy. These knives – available in blue or purple handles, with plain or serrated 3.28-inch blades – feature injection-molded FRN scales and 7Cr17 blade steel. The name comes from the ‘legs’ on the front and back ends of the handle, which allow the Counter Puppy to stand up on the table or counter, keeping the blade free of unnecessary surface contact.

Sprint Run Shaman and Straight Spine Stretch 2

Two new Sprints round out Reveal number three. A Shaman with brown Micarta handle scales and CPM Cru-Wear steel continues the long tradition of ‘normal’ Sprint Run variations, but the Stretch 2 Sprint is doing things a little differently. Spyderco chose to give it a “straight spine” configuration that straightens out the Stretch 2‘s usual curvy spine into something more reminiscent of a Delica or Endura. The modified profile is accompanied by an ivory FRN scale color, although blade steel remains the standard VG-10.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Siren