Autocrat Auto is the Latest Release from Benchmade

Benchmade is releasing a new automatic model, the Autocrat. The Autocrat has visuals that fall in line with other Benchmade autos but is the first to sport a G-10 handle construction.

The Autocrat’s dagger-ground blade is 3.71 inches long, making it larger than the Precipice and Phaeton but smaller than the full-size Infidel. And like the recent limited edition of that automatic classic, the Autocrat’s blade is made from S30V steel. The slide to open the knife rides on the Autocrat’s spine, however, rather than on the flat of the scales like we see on the Infidel.

In place of aluminum or plastic handle construction, for the Autocrat Benchmade is using two pieces of milled black G-10. The middle sections of each of the Autocrat’s handle scales are raised up, and flared out portions on their front and back ends have been given a stepped or scalloped design. The knife is held together by hardware sporting a blue titanium coating – an effect that they carried through to the opening slider as well. The Autocrat comes with a reversible deep carry pocket clip, which is another trait it shares with other automatic knives in Benchmade’s lineup.

Benchmade has been keeping up a barrage of special editions, but also released a brand new model last month in the form of the 496 Vector. That knife is set to be available in just a couple of days, September 20th. Benchmade says to expect the Autocrat a week later on September 27th.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Autocrat