Spyderco Reveal Volume 2 Goes Live

Spyderco has just published its second Product Reveal guide. Volume two includes a follow-up look at the knives we saw at the Amsterdam Meet as well as the first in-depth look at a new kitchen knife collaboration series with Murray Carter.

Amsterdam Meet Follow-Up

At the end of March SpyderCollector did his usual bang-up job covering Spyderco’s Amsterdam Meet. He showed the Endela, Police 4 and Sage 5 Ligthweights, the Wharncliffe and Emerson Opener Dragonfly 2 variants, the beefy Native Chief, and two expansions for the Efficient budget folder: the Emphasis, a larger version, and the smaller configuration that the guide tells us has been officially named the Insistent.

Z-Cut Knives and Murray Carter Collection Itamae Series

A new in-house, Golden, CO-made line of kitchen knives is coming soon. Called the Z-Cut series, these knives feature an offset blade profile that can be had with either a blunt or point tip, in serrated or plain edge variations. The materials are very simple: CTS-BD1N blade steel and polypropylene handles across the board, which helps keep the weight on these knives low – just 1.0 oz. on the nose.

Spyderco is also pushing a major collaboration this year with the Murray Carter Collection, a new line that brings on the man behind Carter Cutlery for high-performance kitchen knife designs.

The first salvo from the Carter Collection is five entries in the Itamae series, which the company says will be the highest tier of products within the Collection. The new knives run the gamut in terms of size and application, but share a few similarities. All the blades have been given Carter’s signature, tip-strengthening taper and are made from Super Blue cutting cores clad in SUS410 stainless steel. Additionally the octagonal handles are uniformly made from ‘burl G-10’ and a black G-10 ferrule cap.

The biggest knife in the batch is the Gyuto, a 10 inch-bladed, all-purpose slicer. The Bunka Bocho sports a similar blade profile as the Gyuto, but shortened to 7.72 inches. Then there’s the Nikiri, a more specialized food prep knife optimized for chopping and pushing around cut-up vegetables. The Funayuki is thin and agile, and can function as a companion to the larger blades in the series for all-purpose cutting. Finally there’s the Petty, a paring knife-style tool that is currently the smallest knife in the Murray Carter Collection with a blade length of just 4.57 inches.

Spring Run Shaman and Urban

A pair of Sprint Runs are mixing up materials and blade steels on existing models. For many the big news will be the first ever Shaman Sprint Run. This refresh of the standard Shaman is getting the carbon fiber scales/S90V blade that Spyderco has played with on other models like the Perrin PPT. The carbon fiber manages to save about a fifth of an ounce over the standard Shaman’s G-10, bringing the weight down to an even 5 oz.

The Urban, one of Spyderco’s small, people-friendly slipjoint models, is dressed up in a brown FRN/AEB-L blade steel Sprint Run. This marks the first appearance of AEB-L, which is seeing increased circulation amongst makers and manufacturers, on a Spyderco model.

Byrd Cara Cara 2 Emerson Opener

SpyderCollector showed us the G-10 Harrier, but Spyderco kept a rather interesting surprise in store for the guide: the first ever Byrd model with an Emerson Opener. In this case Spyderco outfitted the Cara Cara 2, the Byrd line’s Endura equivalent, gets the Emerson Wave. Interestingly, Spyderco seems to’ve kept the Cara Cara 2’s blade grind a flat one even after altering the blade shape to incorporate the opener; their mainline models with the Wave get swapped to saber grinds.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Gyuto and Nikiri