Demko Knives Shark Cub is a New, Smaller Shark Lock Folder

Halloween may be over, but something wicked is still this way coming from Demko Knives: the Shark Cub. The Shark Cub takes the proven AD 20.5 design ethos, but shrinks it down fora Shark Lock-ified take on the sub-3 inch EDC.

It’s one of the enduring truisms in the knife world: release a knife in one size, and people will clamor for it in other sizes. Made a big knife? Some of us will pine for a smaller take. Had a shorty that became successful? We may talk you into taking it up into the mid- or large size class. Back in the day, these variations rarely happened, or, if they did, they took years to materialize; but with the faster, dynamic knife scene of today these options can come out much faster.

Which brings us to the Demko Knives Shark Cub, a very close relative of the Demko Knives AD20.5, albeit smaller. The AD 20.5 itself has a blade that measures a reasonable 3 inches, but the Cub drops the length down to 2.75 inches. Not only does the drop increase the legality of the hardworking design, but it also makes it more maneuverable, more deft – traits that come in handy for the small to medium-sized chores that comprise a large part of the suburban EDC workload.

You get a phenomenal EDC blade steel to make the most of those specs, too. The Cubs are arriving outfitted with CPM-20CV, a high performance powder metallurgy formulation to be sure. And Demko Knives is offering these in three different blade shapes: a clip point, the Shark Foot, and the modified “slicer Shark Foot,” which tweaks the geometry of the standard version to maximize sliciness.

While we describe the Shark Cub as a shrunk down AD20.5, it’s not a one-to-one translation. The most prominent differences can be seen in the handle profile, which ditches the bracketed setup of the 20.5 for a more open, rounded back end. Options also abound in terms of handle scales; chief among them in terms of sheer eye-catching appeal are the smoked Ultem models, which have a darker, hazier take on the amber plastic.

The Shark Cubs don’t have a firm release date yet, but they can’t be too far off. Right?

Knife in Featured Image: Demko Knives Shark Cub

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