MagnaCut Arrives in the ZT Lineup on an Old Favorite

Zero Tolerance, welcome to the MagnaCut generation: the company just released its first model in MagnaCut, the latest variation of one of their longest running models.

2009: that’s the year that the ZT 0350 first debuted, and if the company has a flagship model in its relatively tight active product lineup, the 0350 is a good candidate for the title. It was a design collaboration between Ken Onion and Mick Strider, which to this day sounds like the knife equivalent of a super band. A smash hit, the 0350 established all the things that, at the beginning, Zero Tolerance was specifically known for: high quality, overbuilt knives with a pronounced tactical flair.

Really, the only change here is the MagnaCut steel; otherwise this is the 0350 that you’ve known and loved for years, right down to the cosmetic choices, which are a olive green G-10 handle and a tiger striped blade. Now, as then, the 0350 lands in a flexible middle ground between tanklike EDC and something capable of the more demanding suite of jobs filed for convenience’s sake under the term ‘tactical.’ And yes, the assisted opening mechanism is still in place, as is the famously thick liner lock beneath the scales.

How does MagnaCut compliment the performance of the 350? Well, compared to the line standard S30V, it ups edge retention and toughness, the primary characteristics necessary for a good, hard working knife. Not to say MagnaCut doesn’t do well in terms of stain resistance either; in fact, Spyderco thought highly enough of the stuff to make it one of the steel choices for its Salt line of ‘rustproof’ knives.

Zero Tolerance has been keeping a very low profile, to say the least. They broke a two-year dry spell in January with the reveal of the 0006 fixed blade, but since then, nada. Perhaps the MagnaCut 0350 will presage a surprise new model made from the stuff, or other longtime favorites rolling out with a MagnaCut option?

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0350 in MagnaCut [Image Credit: KnifeWorks]

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