Eran Manasherov Spides up Drop Point on Boker Plus Nahal

It’s Boker Plus season right now, a phase of the year during which the hyper-prolific Solingen giant adds another batch of models to its already enormous catalog. Here’s one such fresh face, called the Nahal, latest piece from the also-prolific designer Eran Manasherov.

If we were the gambling sort, we’d wager that drop points are the most common blade shape around, at least when it comes to everyday carry-style folding knives. And that’s no bad thing; in fact it makes perfect sense, given the standard drop point’s balanced geometry, well-suited for the unpredictable, but straightforward, kinds of chores that the average suburbanite should aim to be prepared for in their day-to-day life.

The flipper tab has a stylized, skeletonized look

And yes, (you can see where we were going with this), the Nahal’s blade shape is, indeed, a drop point; but it’s a drop point with a twist – or a tilt, to be more precise, a subtle but distinct upturn that puts the entire cutting edge at a different angle during use. Approaching a cut at a bias is believed to bring a little more power to the cut itself, so that could be the intent here – or, just as possible, Manasherov drew the knife with this cant because it looks cool.

Either way, performance will be solid, and the geometry’s work capabilities are underwritten by D2 steel, omnipresent semi-stainless and de facto choice for lower-priced models in this modern knife market. In terms of the opening method, there is a cutout in the blade, but the intended method seems to be via the elongated, skeletonized flipper tab.

Manasherov (the son of well-known custom maker Boris Manasherov, by they way) put this 3.15-inch blade in an aluminum handle, anodized black and accented with some line work front and back. Speaking of lines, the lock here is a liner lock. The deep carry pocket clip can jump from side to side, and in total the Nahal weighs 4.32 oz.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Nahal

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