Brand New ZT Model Arrives Clad in MagnaCut

At long last, there’s a totally new folder from Zero Tolerance, out now. Meet the 0545, a super lightweight slicer with a blade made from the good stuff, MagnaCut.

We’ve talked about the “Old ZT vs. New ZT” dichotomy on KnifeNews before. The company began with impressively overbuilt knives like the 0350 (which got a special MagnaCut rerelease last week, by the way), but, as times and taste evolved, they slowly expanded their output to include many high performance, EDC-style designs with lighter overall construction – knives like the 0450, 0235, and 0770. Without a doubt, the 0545 falls into this latter category.

The 3.2-inch blade is done up in a suave drop point that runs out to a stylishly low tip. Day-to-day utility is the name of the game here, and, thanks to the presence of CPM MagnaCut steel, the 0545’s execution of such chores should be top notch. Edge retention, toughness, stain resistance: these three elements are balanced in MagnaCut in a way that only current generation powder metallurgy techniques can achieve. The 0545 isn’t quite the first Zero Tolerance product made from the stuff, the aforementioned 0350 beat it to the punch by about a week, but it’s the first time that a new model has been rolled out with MagnaCut. And speaking of rolling, the flipper tab on the 0545 is powered by a ceramic ball bearing pivot, as is the style of the time.

The all titanium back side of the 0545

This blade folds into a classy, compact handle made from a full carbon fiber front scale, and a titanium frame lock back one. There’s a portion of that titanium scale that has been scooped out, which clues one in to the 0545’s weight conscious design. The ZT crew managed to keep the 0545 impressively lightweight, especially given its size; it tips the scales at just 2 ounces, and comes with a reversible, deep carry mini clip to really help bury it in the pocket.

The 0545 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0545

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