Dirk Pinkerton Shows off XL CJRB Folder

Coming off of Blade Show 2023, we’re bracing for the summer/fall flurry of knife releases that will be coming from just about every direction. But tireless manufacturers are already teasing some designs slated for farther off release. One such knife is a new collaboration from Dirk Pinkerton and CJRB Cutlery, a massive folder called the Resource.

Pinkerton has worked in pretty much every size class imaginable at this point in his career; we looked at the Shieldon Gambit earlier this year, which had a compact blade length of 2.75 inches. The Resource prototype goes in the other direction entirely, with a cutting edge that measures 4.25 inches. If that spec holds true, it means the Resource will be the biggest folder in the CJRB lineup when it arrives. Big blades are often associated with tactical applications but, in a post on his Instagram account, Pinkerton says he envisions a broader remit for this beast: “I like to think of it as a badass, all-purpose folder,” he wrote.

Pinkerton’s personal Resource prototype

The Resource has a big, broad drop point blade shape, with a sizeable fuller along the spine. As is the case with many CJRB products, it is made from AR-RPM9 steel, the proprietary stainless developed by CJRB parent company Artisan Cutlery. The burly prototype weighs around 7.2 oz. but Pinkerton says he is playing with the idea of reducing the .185″ stock a bit to shave a little weight off the final production piece.

The ergos are simple and roomy, as one would hope on an all-purpose knife of this size. The handle profile is a basic bracket shape, with G-10 scales laid over stainless steel liners. In terms of the pocket clip, Pinkerton says that the Resource will either come with separate lefty and righty clips, or a single clip that can be reversed from side to side as is.

There’s no official release date for this bad boy yet. Pinkerton says that it could come out before the end of the year, or perhaps at SHOT Show 2024.

Knife in Featured Image: CJRB Resource Prototype

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