New Poltergeist Works Knife Inbound from Bestech

Last week we alluded to Bestech’s product release blitz, with the arrival of the Vulpex Knives-designed VK-Void. That was a collaboration with a brand new partner, and it’s being followed by another new model, one from returning designer Jakub Wieczorkiewicz, a tactically-flavored piece called the Cetus.

The first thing that jumps out at you when you look at the Cetus is the blade – both because of the profile, and because of the length. This is an American-style tanto, but one that has been further elaborated upon with a compound grind. The tip portion has a wider, sabre-style grind, presumably to give the pointy part as much durability as possible. Behind that, the main edge portion has a higher grind and thinner blade – and this is the portion that will be preferred for slicing or similar things.

“Cetus” is the Latin word for whale, and it’s an appropriate designation for this design because, like its nautical namesake, it is a big boy, one of the biggest designs we’ve yet seen from Wieczorkiewicz. The Cetus’s blade measures just under 4 inches, opening up the door for both hard use and self-defense oriented roles. The M390 steel won’t surprise too many people, but also won’t disappoint many either; in any imaginable role for this knife, it should acquit itself quite admirably.

The Axis Lock patent expired in 2018; since then we’ve spilled no small amount of ink elaborating on the many, many variations on the design that have come out in the intervening years. Under the hood of the Cetus we see Bestech’s version, which seems to stick pretty closely to the expected Axis Lock tropes: spring-motivated crossbar, ambidextrous access, etc. The lock is situated in a two-piece handle, with a titanium bolster forward and a Micarta or carbon fiber scale aft.

The afomentioned VK-Void hit shelves last week, and Bestech says the Cetus will be following next month.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Cetus

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