Elementum Line Grows Yet Again with Mini Frame Lock Model

There is another new Elementum on the way from Civivi, and it changes things up in a (little) big way. The Mini Elementum is a pint-sized iteration of Civivi’s most popular knife, with a couple of other interesting differences beyond the obvious one of scale.

The original Elementum is by no means a big knife, but the Mini Elementum really shrinks things down. Its blade is just 1.83 inches long – a reduction of more than 1.1 inches. The Mini Elementum’s blade opens with a correspondingly small flipper tab, and its shape is the same well-loved drop point. That means that, even with its reduced size, lots of EDC jobs are still on the table.

The performance is further augmented by the choice of steel. Instead of the line standard D2 steel, Civivi made the Elementum with 14C28N which, unlike D2, is fully stainless. And while the Mini Elementum still retails for well under $100, both available versions come with a hand-rubbed blade finish, which is a rare sight even on knives with a much higher price tag than this little scamp.

The Mini Elementum is the first Elementum model with a frame lock

One of the presiding visual motifs on the standard Elementum is its letterboxed handle scales. Given the size of the Mini Elementum, Civivi descided to forgo that style of construction. Instead, there are no liners, just a front scale made from either brass or copper, and an off-side scale made from stainless steel. On this scale we also see that the Mini Elementum is not a liner lock like its big brother, but a frame lock, and that it lacks a clip entirely. The brass model weighs 1.43 oz., and the copper model is just a tiny bit heavier at 1.43 oz.

The Elementum is obviously the apple of Civivi’s eye. The Mini Elementum joins a family that contains a button lock model, a tanto variation, premium models with carbon fiber scales and Damascus steel, and even a fixed blade.

The Mini Elementum releases next week, on September 28th. The MSRP for either flavor is $50.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Mini Elementum