Emerson Announces Balisong, Viking Axe, and New Flipper 7

Emerson Knives is bringing the heat with three new mid-year releases. A new line of balisongs leads the news, but these first-ever production butterfly knives are joined by a battle axe inspired by Vikings and an overbuilt variant of the Flipper 7.

Balisong Lineup
Emerson Knives is best known for the CQC-7, but the first knife Ernest Emerson ever built was a balisong. “The reason that I make knives is because of the balisong,” he tells us. As a poor student in the 70s, Emerson needed one for his martial arts studies but wasn’t able to afford the blades being sold commercially. So he did what any budding knife maker would do and fashioned one himself. It didn’t take long for fellow students to coax Emerson into making one for them, and the rest is history.

Emerson Balisong

In recent years, Emerson Knives has had plenty of work keeping up with demand for its world famous tactical folders, but Ernest Emerson says a recent expansion of his factory in Los Angeles (which already included a full-sized gym) made the dream project possible. “We’ve gotten to the point where we have more people, more machines, more shifts working. I said, ‘You know what, it’s time to make this.’”

Emerson Balisong

The balisongs carry over cues from Emerson’s folding knives, like simple G-10 scales and chisel ground blades. Though non-functioning, it’s impossible to overlook Emerson’s trademarked Wave on the spine that connects the knife to the brand without seeming out of place. The company is testing out a variety of blade shapes inspired by classics like the CQC-7 and the Commander. Whichever blades receive the best reception will stick around for future runs. “First and foremost, whatever I do, it has to be the real deal. I think they’re the best balisongs ever made.” Customers will be able to see for themselves shortly: the first Emerson balisongs are expected to be available within 60-90 days at an MSRP of $429.

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Combat Axe
Ernest Emerson makes no bones about the inspiration for the new Combat Axe. “It’s an actual one-to-one copy of one of my authentic Viking axes that’s over 1000 years old,” he says. “Why would I redesign something that these guys put their lives on the line every single day of the week using? They had it figured out.” Modern materials and construction methods alongside a more refined ergonomic handle brings this ancient weapon into the modern age. Two different handle sizes will be available when the Axe releases later this year.

Emerson Combat Axe

The original Flipper 7 was introduced at the Gathering in 2015 and now it’s getting the overbuilt XHD treatment. “It’s the heaviest, most extreme-duty CQC-7 we’ve ever made,” Ernest Emerson says. Thicker blade stock, even grippier G-10, and a weighty, knurled titanium back spacer give the Flipper 7 design some extra muscle. “It’s way stronger than anyone would ever need a knife to be,” Emerson says. The XHD CQC-7F will be available in a limited run exclusively through Emerson Knives with a price still to be decided.

Emerson XHD CQC-7F

Knife featured in image: Emerson Knives Balisong