TOPS Knives Targets Your Kitchen with FMS XL

TOPS has just released the Frog Market Special XL, the plus-sized follow-up to the original FMS. The company’s last release, the El Chete, emphasized chopping muscle, but the FMS XL is all about slicing and dicing. It may be hard to imagine a TOPS knife living in the kitchen, but both FMS models are designed for efficient food prep.

The FMS XL, like its smaller predecessor, was inspired by a Vietnamese design. According to the company, while on a journey to Vietnam, designer Steven Dick saw butchers and fishmongers preparing their goods with a knife pattern that was totally new to him. Dick observed how the unusual, sweeping blades made quick work of food slicing tasks. These knives informed the original FMS’ big-bellied blade, and the new FMS XL kicks up the blade length by nearly two inches.

TOPS Frog Market Special XL

An elongated belly and thin grind make slicing food effortless, and the XL will expand upon the culinary capabilities of the first FMS. A longer handle and thicker blade stock, along with the extra cutting length, set it apart from the original. Just as chef knives come in different sizes suited to different tasks, the FMS models can still work in tandem to expand the user’s culinary capabilities. “Almost every TOPS employee has the original in their kitchen and the XL will quickly follow suit,” says TOPS’ Craig Powell.

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These capabilities play in to the more common outdoor applications of other TOPS knives as well. The FMS XL can function as part of a camp kit for preparing meals in the wilderness, away from the cutting board. A Kydex sheath with a rotating spring steel clip make it easy to attach to a belt or pack and the original FMS can piggy back on this sheath for a complete wilderness food prep solution.


The FMS XL is already available directly from TOPS Knives and on its way to leading dealers. You can pick up it up for $200 or as part of a package deal with the original, smaller FMS. The price for the combo is still to be determined.

Knife featured in image: TOPS Frog Market Special XL