ESEE and Ashley Emerson Create AGK

ESEE‘s latest product, the incoming Ashley Game Knife (AGK), is a collaboration fixed blade. Designed by hunter Ashley Emerson, the AGK refines the traditional hunting knife profile into something familiar but new.

Visually, the AGK should ring some bells for most knife users, even those who don’t go hunting. The blade shape is a rounded-over drop point with a long, gentle arc of belly across its 3.5-inch length. 1095 carbon steel blends acceptable edge retention and above-par toughness, and has been covered with a black oxide coating to help ward off the corrosion/staining any hunting knife faces. In a key nod to the applications of the AGK, Emerson ensured that its blade does not end in a sharpening notch; although such a notch has its advantages, in a dedicated hunting knife it is liable to catch on the animal during skinning tasks.

The AGK’s handle runs longer in proportion to its blade length than might be expected, a decision made to maximize comfort and control during use. It is a handle very much in line with other ESEE knives in terms of construction: canvas Micarta scales affixed to the full tang with two Torx screws. The handle lines remain almost completely neutral save for a slight dip and narrowing behind the finger guard. The AGK’s spine humps for the length of the handle before dipping down as well, to create a mild concavity along the length of the blade.

Devoid of other frills or gimmicks, the AGK keeps the weight down to about 5 ounces. ESEE has not yet shown images of the sheath but it’s probably safe to expect something fairly traditional, and they have confirmed that the material will be leather.

The AGK is slated for release this fall. MSRP starts at $166.06.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE Knives AGK

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