Spyderco Models to Still to Come in 2019

Spyderco made some adjustments to the way it reveals product recently, hoping to keep the window between announcement and release as small as possible. However, given the logistics involved in production and shipping, not too mention the sheer number of knives Spyderco puts out, there are still shorter waiting periods between our first glimpses of their new knives and the day they hit the shelves.

As always, the best place to start looking for the latest on which knives are on the market and which have yet to arrive is community member RamZar’s meticulously-maintained record over at the Spyderco Forum. There you can see in fine detail which models (including Sprints and exclusives) are still on their way. As far as non-Sprint, non-exclusive releases are concerned, here’s what’s still to come for 2019:

Lil’ Native Slipjoint

When it was announced, the Lil’ Native was scheduled for three different lock setups: a Compression Lock, a back lock, and a non-locking slipjoint model. The slipjoint will be the last to the party when it releases later this year.

Z-Cut Series

The Z-Cut models are lightweight, affordable kitchen knives all sporting CTS-BD1N steel for their blades. They’ll come in multiple colors and be available in various configurations.

Itamae Series

Murray Carter and Spyderco’s high-profile collaboration series has yet to grace the knife blocks of any chefs. All five announced Itamae models – the Bunka Bocho, Funayuki, Gyuto, Nakiri, and Petty – are still inbound.

Police 4 Lightweight FRN

The ever-growing FRN contingent in Spyderco’s catalog is still awaiting this much-anticipated addition.


A big old fixed blade designed to be a cutting powerhouse, the Province is the brainchild of Jim Ankerson and Darrin Sanders. As is fitting for a knife from the mind of metallurgist Ankerson, it will sport a cognoscenti-friendly steel: CPM-4V.

Sage 5 Lightweight FRN

The Sage 5 Lightweight FRN will be the second model with FRN scales that also incorporates a Compression Lock. The Para 3 Lightweight released earlier this year, beating it to the historic punch.

Bow River

A full tang fixed blade knife for those on a budget, the Bow River comes with distinctive black and white G-10 scales and 8Cr13MoV.


The big brother in the Efficient family, the Emphasis scales up the design to a sizable 3.6 inch blade, with a commensurate increase in handle length.


On the other side of the spectrum is the Insistent, which is even smaller than the EDC-friendly Efficient model. Its cutting edge runs to 2.41 inches – a little more than half an inch smaller than the base Efficient.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Police 4 Lightweight