ESEE Grows Non-Fixed Blade Selection with Pinhoti Friction Folder

ESEE is releasing a brand new friction folder into the wild. The Pinhoti is designed by Shane Adams and, like many of its ESEE fixed blade family members, it blends elements of modern and traditional knife design to maximize its outdoors utility.

Even though it’s a folder and not a fixed blade, the Pinhoti still aims to be a rugged tool that’s ready to tackle the varied chores outdoorsmen encounter on their adventures. At its heart is a 3.25-inch blade, a racy, sleek take on the classic puukko drop point, complete with a Scandi grind. The elongated tip ups the piercing potential, while the main edge, with its even back-to-front curvature, provides lots of slicing muscle and bite.

The extended tang on the Pinhoti provides some additional security when in use

As a friction folder, there’s no lock on the Pinhoti. That being said, as with other knives in this format, the extended tang used to open the knife also functions as a kind of safety, as it is difficult for it to leave the handle with the user’s grip over the spine of the knife. This traditional, reliable construction is paired to the traditional, reliable outdoor steel, 1095 carbon, which still excels out in the woods and has an extensive, proven track record in the ESEE lineup.

The handle profile is simplicity itself, although, unlike the blade, it isn’t inspired by traditional puukko design. Instead you see a deep finger groove under a hearty finger guard, with scales made from sumptuously contoured and textured brown Micarta. A pair of symmetrical grooves at the top of the handle provide a pinch point for more specialized grips. The Pinhoti weighs 3.8 oz. and comes with a leather, taco-style pouch for carry.

ESEE plans on bringing the Pinhoti to the market in batches. The first batch to be available will be a limited, numbered run of just 300 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE Knives Pinhoti