ESEE Introduces Libertariat Machete Under Expat Series

ESEE is releasing the affordable and lightweight Libertariat machete under its Expat series label. The limited run Libertariat embodies the new Expat series game plan of ESEE designs at affordable prices. It arrives in advance of other new additions including a new folder based on the famous ESEE-3 fixed blade.

Choppers often aim for maximum destruction, but the Libertariat is a different animal. “It’s not heavy. It’s real light and super thin,” explains ESEE Co-Owner Mike Perrin. Weighing just 12.85 oz. in hand, the Libertariat excels at brush clearing, trailblazing, and other long, endurance-style cutting jobs. Its 9-inch 1075 steel edge is keen and the walnut scales are heavily rounded like a broom handle for comfort. “It’s designed to be used all day and not cause hand fatigue.”

ESEE Libertariat

The Expat series kicked off earlier this year with the CL1 cleaver. That knife is a made-in-the-USA ESEE product, but that will be the exception, not the rule, going forward. The Libertariat embodies the new goal of the Expat label. “Anything that’s not made in the US will be under the Expat line,” says ESEE Co-Owner Mike Perrin. Although the series takes its name from the pseudonym of the CL1 designer, it will incorporate other talent as well. The Libertariat was drawn up by ESEE contributor John Armstrong and is made in El Salvador, Central America.

ESEE Libertariat

Perrin tells us ESEE has big plans for the Expat series. The next Expat release is due to be ready by SHOT. Dubbed the Medellín, it will be an affordable folder based on the ESEE-3. Plans for the long-awaited US-made ESEE folder remain nebulous, but Perrin is confident the Taiwan-produced Medellín will please fans. “We wanted to make the Medellín to get going on the folding knife thing,” he says, and others could very well follow. “I think you’re going to see high-quality folders coming from our Taiwan partner.”

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Perrin foresees other origins for future Expat products. “You may see Russia, China, Serbia, Finland – there’s a lot of countries where there’s good machining capabilities,” he tells us. “We’re still going to keep ESEE US-based, but we’re trying to address needs with these other products and go where we need to.” ESEE offers a famous warranty on its US-made products and will continue to. However, Expat series blades will have warranties tailored to their price point and country of origin.

Knife featured in image: ESEE Expat Series Libertariat