Spyderco Beefs Up, Shrinks Down EDC Staple

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Today, Spyderco announced it has started shipping the Lil’ Native. The miniaturized version of the popular Native 5 comes with a new lock and deep-carry pocket clip.

The Lil’ Native hits shelves sporting Spyderco’s proprietary Compression Lock. The added speed and convenience set the new knife apart from all variants of its back locking bigger brother. Spyderco also decided to break away from its spoon-style clip on the Lil’ Native. This model features a two-way swappable deep carry wire clip.

At 2.47 inches, the Lil’ Native’s blade is about half an inch smaller than the Native 5’s. That knife comes in FRN and G-10 configurations, but the 2.4 oz. Lil’ Native is debuting exclusively in black G-10. The classic leaf blade shape adheres closely to the larger original too. A Golden, CO-produced knife, the Lil’ Native features S30V steel.

With the Para 3, Spyderco proved it takes line extensions seriously. When it alters or expands on a popular model it takes care to rethink the ergonomics in accordance with those changes. So while the Lil’ Native’s handle is closely aligned with that of the Native, subtle changes are there. The butt end of the knife has been given some additional curvature for comfort.

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The Native started life as a knife specifically designed to be sold at a budget-friendly price in Wal-Mart. That plan never came to fruition but the Native went on to become an EDC staple in the Spyderco catalog.

The Lil’ Native will soon be joined by another sub-3″ Spyderco release. The FRN Chaparral is the lightest version of that particular model, and also the least expensive with a sub-$100 price point.

The Lil’ Native is expected to arrive in mid-November and is already available for preorder at KnifeCenter.com.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Lil’ Native